Thank you!

We are excited to announce that in less than one month our truly grassroots campaign raised $5,437 during the first reporting period of 2017. Our average cash donation was less than $40 and we had many donors that offered $5 or less to spread the message that working together can make a difference. These small donors and in kind donations continue to reinforce that our late nights and hard work on the campaign trail are for a reason: to give a voice to everyday working Virginians.

Hannah is the only candidate in VA-67 to receive national publicity and it is our mission to make sure all voices are represented in Richmond. Her dedication to moving Virginia forward and preserving its diversity is recognized throughout the country. This national press has highlighted our movement for a diverse and representative government.

As we continue to develop our campaign, we look back on the monumental support that small donors and volunteers made in our early days. Your support makes it possible to passionately fight for a new generation of healthy politics and politicians, working towards a fresh perspective in Virginia!

Interested in contributing to our campaign?