A quick visit to the United Nations for gender equity

On March 23rd, I attended a talk at the United Nations about gender equity in the workforce and heard from specialists about the impact of labor discrimination on economic, social, and cultural rights. Leaders in the field of gender equity spoke about how gender equality has a positive economic and social impact for everyone, and discussed ways to work towards a more equal society. 

Women’s economic empowerment and the realization of women’s rights to work free from discrimination is essential for sustainability. Discriminatory laws, social norms, gender constructs, and economic and political policies continue to prevent women from fully realizing their economic, social and cultural rights in relation to their right to work around the world; including in Virginia. In VA women make 80 cents to every dollar a man makes. As a delegate, I will fight for women; I will always advocate for equality in pay and representation in the workforce. I will also work to improve policies that disproportionately influence work for women such as caregiver support and family leave.