I am running for delegate because I believe in Virginia’s future.

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I believe that we can be an economically prosperous, inclusive and diverse community that helps each and every citizen thrive.

Currently, Virginia faces many urgent challenges, including insufficient access to healthcare, a deficit in mental health services, and a harrowing Opioid epidemic. As an expert in public health, I am prepared to effectively and efficiently address these and host of other complex problems. Further, I plan to work together on behalf of all Virginians toward innovative and effective solutions.

As a first-generation American of Arab and Jewish decent, I have personally felt the devastating effects of discrimination. I am passionately committed to fostering the values of diversity and inclusion that once made Virginia such a welcoming haven for my small-business owning family.

Working Together for Virginia #WT4VA

Meet Hannah

I am a first generation American. The daughter of a Muslim Arab Immigrant father and a Jewish-American mother and the oldest of four children. It is time for a millennial, multi-cultural representative in Virginia.


I will fight to improve access to healthcare and mental health programs, combat the rising opioid epidemic, close gender disparities in pay and labor and defend Virginian values of diversity and inclusion.


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